Chairman’s Message

  The Fifth Edition of Taiwan Drinking Water Equipment Industrial Association's First Members & Representatives Convention was held on January 5, 2012, followed by the  election of the fifth board of directors and supervisors. It's very honorable for me, Wei Shih-ting, to be elected as Chairman, which is based on peers' cultivation and support in this sector. Afterward, I should dedicate myself fullheartedly to the service of this sector, with the hope to gain the guidance from every member.


Under the impacts of branding globalization and free trade trends, the international market for drinking water equipment opens its door, resulting in the more intense market competition. The problems the industry and government encounter and must deal with include: within the sector,  the disadvantage and impact resulting from neighboring countries with low wages, abundant labor force, low pricing edge as well as re-selling back to Taiwan; outside the sector, due to the hardship of the difficult internationally political situation, it's too slow to increase the number of nations which have bilateral tafiff agreements;  as a result, our sector of drinking water equipment has to face a more and more difficult situation for survival. There is no national standards for many drinking water equipment items including water purification equipment, filter equipment, filter... etc. in Taiwan, along with many inferior products with lower prices sold back to Taiwan due to the absence of test implement, which have a huge negative impact on this sector. We hope a strickier regulator role for governmental agencies which actively set standards and regulations, test products and further establish quality grading system, as well as the power endowed to the Association to monitor and control suppliers, in order to continuously enhance the production technology and quality and to protect Taiwan drinking water equipment from negative impacts of inferior products.


Innovation R&D, multi-functions, and high quality are among the important factors for Taiwan's companies to play a major role in the global market, and only the continuous innovation and R&D are the basis for advantages, and only the breakthrough of the conventional framework, establishment of a quality brand image, enhancement of international competitiveness, insights into the emerging market opportunities and layout are the edge basis to seek long-term development with fruitful results and survival. For the sustainable management of this industry, the formation of the consensus of the drinking water equipment industry in Taiwan, the solidary alliance coopration to develop together, and the advanges of excellence, value, endurance, high quality, and high performance of Taiwan products of drinking water equipment, the key position and competitives of our drinking water equipment products in the global industrial chian system will be more steadier.


The board of directors and supervisors elected are the elites from within the drinking water equipment industry in Taiwan, with enthusiasm about the Association affairs. In the beginning of the new transission, with the re-adjusted strong lineup, we sincerely hope that our members and manufacturers to let new directors and supervisor provide services for this industry, and promote policies more beneficial to the industry, also with the expectations for representatives of member companies to provide more advices, related information and opinion feedbacks, in order to work together to promote Taiwan's drinking water equipment products on the international stage with quality product images, as well as the sustainable development for the Association. 


Wei Shih-ting                              

May 30, 2012